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  Dachshund Umbrella Light Blue on Blue
Dachshunds Umbrella by The San Francisco Umbrella Company

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The Dog Park Umbrella:
Dachshund Silhouette

Welcome to the dog park! Which one is yours?
The Dachshund: Clever, loyal courageous, intelligent and strong, the energetic Dachshund burrows into our lives.

Identify yourself and your favorite dog breed with this beautiful walking stick rain umbrella featuring a Dachshund silhouette image. Take this stylish umbrella with you to the park, on walks, on errands … wherever it’s raining, this umbrella shows your devotion to the Dachshund breed.

This Dachshund Umbrella features a soothing dark blue canopy, with a sea green silkscreen of the Dachshund silhouette on each of the eight sections of the canopy. Treat yourself to a Dog Park Umbrella or fetch one as a gift for a friend from the dog park!
Price: $49.95

Product Code: 0661799660136


The Dog Park Umbrellas are rainy-day fashion accessories that will make even your dog proud. The large open canopy of this walking stick rain umbrella measures a spectacular 48 inches wide, providing the best protection and coverage from the rain. The sturdy steel shaft with steel cap allows this beautiful rain umbrella to function as a walking cane when closed.

About the Umbrella


  • SHAFT: Brawny wide gauge (14mm) steel shaft for extra strength and rigidity, coated black for rust resistance. This is the backbone of the umbrella that along with the matching black steel cap (that’s the pointy end) gives it the robustness to be used as a walking stick.
  • CAP: Wide gauge black steel as mentioned above for firmness and anti-chafe properties when used as a walking stick
  • HANDLE: Rubberized crook handle for comfortable grip
  • MECHANISM: Automatic opening mechanism with wide gauge to match the shaft and heavy duty spring for added durability
  • RIBS: Fiberglass ribs for an extraordinary degree of wind resistance not found on the typical umbrella made with metal ribs that tend to kink and break even from light use
  • TIPS: Black plastic tips on the end of the ribs giving an attractive accent while dulling the effect of inadvertently poking other people or yourself with the open umbrella
  • CANOPY: 100% 190 thread count Pongee, the finest quality polyester material available, with waterproof coating for waterproofing, opens to full 48” arc.
  • STRAP: Velcro for easy opening and closing